Coolest Features of Dubai Metro App-Suggest A Location

Dubai Metro App-Suggest A Location We have discussed the best part of Dubai Metro App in terms of its enriched features. This post abides by this exciting series and brings into limelight, another interactive feature-Suggest A Location. It lets you to play active role in making the app even more informative by submitting details of a Dubai location that has been left unearthed so far at our end. Once the concerned team finds your addition noteworthy, you may well expect it on air in the forthcoming updates.

Suggest a location

Well! We have already received of an overwhelming response from the app users for this feature. So if you are also a true Dubai lover and feel the need to add a new location you just explored, just go ahead. It would certainly be a value addition for our app.Dubai Metro App-Suggest A Location

All you need is to tap the ‘+’ icon that you can see at the right side of every category (Marked Red in the image here). In the resulting ‘Suggest a location’ form, you can upload an appealing image of the concerned location and then go on to provide the requisite information as below before tapping ‘Submit’ button:

  • Place name
  • Nearest Metro Station
  • Address
  • About the place
  • Your name
  • Your EmailId

So until we come up with another informative post, keep enjoying Dubai Metro app on your Android device and Steve Job’s dream iPhone.

Tried our Delhi Metro App?

Delhi Metro App by Finoit LabsAre you somewhere around Delhi NCR on a vacation or for an important business meeting? Have you found an exciting location while discovering India’s capital city Delhi through your eyes? Let us tell you what you can do. Same as in Dubai Metro app, you will find “Suggest a location” feature in the Places section of our Delhi Metro app as well. Rest, you better know!

Hint: follow the same instructions as in this post.
Pre-requisite: Ensure that your discovery is really a discovery and we haven’t covered it yet in our Delhi Metro app.

Finoit Labs Updates Dubai Metro App with Myriad New Dubai Locations

Dubai Metro App- LocationsDubai Metro app changes its gears yet again, now with its all improved Places section. Want to know more? Of course you do. So let’s move on!  In its commitment to furnish usable information via Dubai Metro app, Finoit Labs has revamped its Places in entirety. The new look app now consists new locations in the existing categories, and in addition, there is a fresh, Restaurant category as the latest addition, which brings into limelight, the life and times of a spate of topnotch Dubai restaurants.

Additions in Existing categories

Dubai Metro App-Locations

The app has some new locations in various categories:

Tourist Spot: It exposes you to even more tourist locations in the UAE city, with Abra on Dubai Creek, The Walk. Jumeirah Beach Park, and Dubai Fountain being among the many latest additions.

Malls: The app gets you tete a tete with a profusion of colossal malls donning appalling appearances in its added version, with Dubai Marina Mall, Ibis Mall, and Dubai Festival City to name a few.

Hotels: You now can now about a lot more choices to hang around in Dubai, with Dubai Metro app including a new set of hot favorite hotels. The Grosvenor House, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Grand Hyatt and many more, all are there under a single app.

All new ‘Restaurant’ category

It’s obvious, you would’ve missed the eateries in the previous Dubai Metro app edition. After all, food is the basic necessity of all and sundry, whether ardent gourmets, starving tourists, or even the local people looking out to satisfy their bellies in a nearby restaurant; just for a change. Sensing your genuine desire, we know have an all new Restaurant category in Places section that showcases the crème de la crème food destinations in the happening Dubai city.

Dubai Metro App-LocationsIt consists of all the information you would like to have on restaurants, i.e. you can the ones with multiple cuisine, engaging entertainment options, bar, lounge, open cafeteria, and so on. Some prominent locations include The Cheesecake Factory, Zaroob Restaurant and Table 9 by Nick & Scott among others. Beyond doubts, you are surely gonna love this ‘food for thought’ segment of our app. Enjoy!

We care for you!

We aspire to append high degree convenience to your endeavors through our genuine efforts. Dubai Metro app accomplishes exactly the similar task. We would encourage you to keep installing the app on your Android and iPhone, as you have been doing throughout these times. As for quality and standard of information on our Dubai Metro App, you can simply be rest assured of the best, relevant and the most bankable inputs.

Dubai Metro App Dons Arabic Avatar in its updated Version

Dubai MetroIt’s awesome! For our friends from the Middle East, craving to have an informative app on Dubai metro in their own native language, the search finally ends. We now have the Arabic version of Dubai Metro app as well! As we all know, the app has already created waves amid ardent Dubai lovers who can’t wait missing their trip to the paradisaical desert land; this updated version is expected to enthrall even a bigger chunk of Arabic speaking tourists and native citizens.

The translated avatar from Finoit Labs has it all that one would like searching about Dubai Metro and is a replica of its English counterpart. To use the app’s Arabic version, the option for the language has to be selected by navigating to More (the left most option at the bottom of the app’s screen) -> Change Language (the topmost option in the next screen) ->Arabic (written as Al Arabia in Arabic).

Dubai Metro App- Arabic VersionDubai Metro App- Arabic VersionDubai Metro App- Arabic VersionBut if you don’t want to do that hard work, its fine, we have another better option. Just tap the Dubai Metro icon to see its home screen. On the screen’s top right, you will see ‘A’ icon surrounded by clockwise and anti-clockwise arrows. Tap the icon and you will instantly be prompted to choose the language from among English and Arabic, as earlier.

If you are dexterous in Arabic and are wandering somewhere in the placid locales of Dubai, we hope you won’t mind using this app for better info on your vicinity. Even if you are so far unaware of the language, who knows, our Dubai Metro app becomes the reason for you to learn Arabic, to use it. So let’s be wise and install the utilitarian app in iOS and Android gadgets to know more about Dubai metro and the so far unconquered locations close to Dubai Metro stations, in your very own Arabic language.

Visit Dubai-Travel on Dubai Metro-Use Dubai Metro App

Dubai Metro App Not delving into details for yet another furlong blog post on Dubai Metro, I would like to describe the network in just few words- It is a necessity, more than a luxury and adds wheels to your time. As for the city, it is hard to part ways it whenever you step in to this paradisaical land, full of architectural marvels, entertainment and lip smacking food options.

Describing it in few words would be unfair owing to the exuberance it reflects. Should you wish to travel to a prominent tourist location, Dubai is surely the place to be in. With its lifeline in the disguise of Dubai Metro, you can never be left in the oblivion, for sure.

Dubai MetroHowever, if you still have any reason to feel separated in this Arabian country, our Dubai Metro App is there to guide your way toward your destination. There is even bigger reason to count on the app, especially if you are a native Dubai citizen- Dubai Metro App is soon to be launched in Arabic version as well. Exciting, isn’t it?

Tap A fishAnd while you are on your journey via the sophisticated train, why not make up for the leisure and enjoy a cool game on your Android smartphone or iPhone. Interested? Well, let’s try Tap A Fish, the ultimate mobile game from Finoit Labs and C3H Ventures, LLC, which could pose as an unmistakable delight for your senses and a head turner for the passersby .

Coolest Features of Dubai Metro App-More Details

Dubai Metro App-MoreChances are better that with Dubai Metro app, your trip to the majestic city would have been almost a cakewalk by now. But there is nothing to worry if you are not aware of this utilitarian application till now. We are here to let you know about it through this blog.

So getting back to the business, in the series of describing the app’s cool features, here we focus on its ‘More’ section that you can see on the bottom-right of your screen as you open it on your smartphone.

As you tap ‘More’, you will notice a screen with a tail long list of features as is obvious by the screenshot on the left, where each of the options are self-explanatory. You can just tap a particular segment to peep into the related details. Still, we would like to draw your attention to three of its important sections, viz a viz, All lines information, Parking and Smart/other cards information.

All lines information: Tap this section to get information on Dubai metro lines- Red line and Green line, followed by their start and end stations. If you wish to delve even deeper, just tap on any of those lines to get the list of all stations included under Red/Green line route.

Dubai Metro Features-More-Line Information

Dubai Metro Features-More-Smart CardDubai Metro Features-More-Parking

Parking: Tap on parking to know the related info on both the Green lines and Red lines. Among the additional information, you can also get details on parking fees and mall parking. Indeed, parking is a big worry in a vehicle studded city like Dubai.

Smart/other card information: Just like Delhi Metro App, this one also provides usable information on travel cards, tickets, etc. Just tap on Smart/other card information from ‘More’ menu and get all the tidbits on Blue card, Red card, Red ticket, etc.

Prior to your journey via Dubai Metro, these details could be of much help. Thanks to Finoit Labs that you can know about all of them right through your iPhone or android smartphone. Well, that’s it for this post of coolest features of your very own Dubai Metro App. See you soon!

Top Dubai Hotels with Nearest Dubai Metro Stations

Dubai MetroDubai owns a serene ambiance and is better described as a quintessential oasis in the desert, we all know that! It hosts a gamut of stunning sky scrapers with eclectic designs and marvelous architecture, and through this blog, we have already shown that!

So In the series comprising prominent Dubai locations from vivid categories, let’s showcase Dubai hotels in this blog post as till now, we haven’t done that. As obvious, you can check for enhanced details on all these hotels through our Dubai Metro App as well. Oops! Sorry to advertise our product in between. Actually only a few bunch of fellows are enthusiastic enough to go through a write-up till the end, so we have to put it right here. Though it is there in the end as wellJ. Jokes apart, let us start!

Al Qasr Madinat Jumeriah 

Nearest Dubai Metro Station: Mall of the Emirates Metro Station (3.4 Km)

Dubai Metro

If Madinat Jumeriah is a crown, then Al-Qasr truly resembles its resplendent jewel, which itself reflects its everlasting sheen. Translated as ‘The Palace’ in English, the hotel depicts the aura of royals and has been designed in style of an exemplary summer residence of the Sheikhs. To summarize, it acts as a perfect blend of traditional royal architecture and modernity that leave the tourists with a ‘Wow’ effect.

Everything here is simply matchless, be it the restaurants (more than 40), health club, spas, bars & cafes, etc. It indeed offers the world to you in its 292 luxury rooms & suites, together with a range of exquisite facilities. Once you book your space in this ultra-luxurious hotel, just be prepared to get pampered by the ultra-royal treatment.

JW Marriott Hotel Dubai

Nearest Dubai Metro Station: Abu Baker Al Siddique Metro Station (0.5 Km)

Dubai Metro App

Located at Abu Baker Al Siddique Rd, Deira, this hotel is an ideal place to seek accommodation while on Dubai tour. All its 52 suites are designed elegantly to suit specific customer requirements with high grade amenities and cordial services. It hosts 10 restaurants and bars, altogether making up for an accomplished range of dine and vine options.

If you are of relaxing nature but don’t find a place to be at peace in the busy Dubai city, the rooftop pool of this hotel is just meant for you. The attached health club, well equipped with upscale amenities is an added advantage.

Among other attractions, the squash court and the award-winning event (meeting and conference) spaces, are worthwhile mentioning. Its proximity to Dubai International Airport also make it a viable option to find solace. Don’t get it confused with JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Hotel, which is located at Sheikh Zayed Road as it is different and perhaps the tallest hotel in Dubai (355m or 1,165 ft) with 72-storeys and 1608 rooms.

JA Jebel Ali Beach Hotel

Dubai Metro

Nearest Dubai Metro Station: Jebel Ali Metro Station (9 Km)

The 5 star hotel opens up the door to unlimited fun and excitement for local as well as international The hotel is home to a gamut of rejuvenating facilities for children and the grown-ups, with Tennis court, Fitess gym, Sauna, Scuba, Windsurfing, etc., to name a few. Additionally, 4-swimming pools, spa club and the palm-lined beach are all there to sway away your senses.tourists. It features 5 floors, 260 rooms and is an important part of the award-winning Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa. All its restaurants including Captain’s, La Traviata, Sports Cafe and more on, provide delicious dining options and with famous bars of the likes of Jova, Mushref Bar and Sunset Lounge, all your hidden drinking desires would come to life instantly.

This is it for now, as far as Dubai hotels are concerned. We know, this piece of information is not even a drop in the ocean, but we promise you to be back with much more interesting details on prominent Dubai locations in the better future. So stay tuned with our Dubai Metro blog and Stay alert with our Dubai Metro App by Finoit Labs…We will be right back!

Dubai Medical Tourism-Growing By Leaps and Bounds

Dubai Metro App-Medical tourismDubai tourism has accelerated by huge margins in the past years, i.e., from 2 million in 2010 to a staggering 9.5 million in 2012, to be precise. Evidently, the number of medical tourists have also witnessed a significant increase. However, the Dubai Health Authority aims much higher than that-it aims to make Dubai a prominent international destination for medical tourism. DHA firmly believes that the annual head count of medical tourists in Dubai would touch millions by the 2020.

Reasons behind proliferating medical tourism in Dubai

The administration of Dubai doesn’t mind investing billions in the healthcare facility as it anticipates a bright future for Dubai medical tourism.  Some of the major reasons that led to an exponential increase of tourists in this vertical may include:

  • Impressive healthcare infrastructure
  • Easy accessibility to hospitals via Dubai Metro
  • More than 6,750 medical practitioners speaking 60 plus different languagesDubai Metro App-Medical tourism
  • Clinical expertise in offering treatment for myriad specialties
  • Reasonable savings on medical bills as compared to treatment cost in US and other nations
  • Acute attention to patient safety and care quality
  • International standard treatment facilities
  • Easy availability of hotel rooms as per the patient’s budget constraints.

Some vital stats

Dubai owns a profusion of healthcare centers and even more are in the pipeline for future. The Dubai Healthcare city alone accommodates 15% of the total patients visiting this tourist destination annually. Overall there has been an effectual increase of 10-15% per year in medical tourists, leading to an estimated contribution of US $1.6bn in the nation’s economy every year. Abiding by some more reports, as of 2012, Dubai comprised:

  • 6 Public hospitals with 2307 bedsDubai Metro App-Medical tourism
  • 20 private hospitals with 1447 beds
  • 23 primary healthcare centers
  • 7 specialty centers
  • 923 outpatient clinics
  • Treatment Facilities

The treatment facilities offered in Dubai hospitals are fair enough to lure patients from across the globe to get away with their health problems. Some of the healthcare services that run high demand for medical tourism here thus include, but not limited to:

  • Knee replacement
  • LASIK procedures
  • Dermatology and alternative medicineDubai Metro App-Medical tourism
  • Colon Congenital Paralysis Surgery in children
  • Dental procedures
  • Cosmetic and aesthetic procedures
  • Wellness and spa treatments
  • Reconstructive surgeries for burns and accidents
  • Surgeries related to Urinary Tract System malformation

Prominent Hospitals

Let’s have a look on the prominent hospitals existing in Dubai, followed by the nearest metro stations and the their approximate distance between from the hospital.

Hospitals Nearest Dubai Metro stations

Distance (Km)

Dubai Hospital Salah Al Din Metro Station


British Medical Consulting Centre (BMCC) – Dubai Financial Centre Metro Station


American Hospital Dubai Oud Metha Metro Station


Zulekha Hospital Dubai Airport Free Zone Metro Station


Belhoul Speciality Hospital Palm Deira Metro Station


Don’t forget Dubai Metro App

Dubai Metro App-Medical tourismAs you go through this post and get tempted to know more about these hospitals, you have all the rights to use Dubai Metro app from Finoit labs and get the desired info. Yes, you can also recommend it to other of your friends, peers, and even your boss. After all, we all prefer good healthcare services and if it is in Dubai, none can beat that!

Dubai Educational Institutes Close to Dubai Metro

Dubai focuses on quality education at all the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. It owns reputed private and public academic institutes for Emiratis as well as expatriates. The announcement of Federation of UAE in 1971, followed by the setting up of the Ministry of Education, proved to be twos dominant pillars towards enhancing the educational standards in the Emirates. As of now, the whole of UAE, including Dubai is witnessing an effectual boom in the academic vertical. No wonder, there has been a settle increase in the number of educated citizens in the recent years.

Dubai Metro App

With the aim to set up a knowledge-based economy, Dubai became the epicenter of world renowned educational institutes. Especially, the renowned Dubai International Academic City campus is all flooded with universities and tertiary academic institutions having foreign accreditations. In this blog post, we get you tete a tete with some of the popular education destinations from this Arabian land, together with the closest Dubai metro stations.Hope you like it.

Dubai Metro App-Univeristy of Dubai

University of Dubai

The University of Dubai is a government sponsored higher educational institution that was established in 1998. It has two sprawling campus in the UAE, one in Abu Dhabi and the other in Dubai. The two campuses collectively impart education to around 10,000 students from all around the world, 19 countries to be precise. It has also found its name in the 2011 list of top 10 favorite places or companies to work in. The university offers numerous undergraduate, graduate, certificate programs and research programs in a profusion of verticals including Information Technology, Business, Arts and Sciences, Education, and Media.

Nearest Dubai Metro Station: Rashidiya Metro station (20 Km)

Dubai Metro App-Zayed UniversityZayed Univeristy

The university found its realms in 1997 with the aim to assist the human resource development programs by the government through skilled and qualified workforce. It offers courses from Business and IT field with national accreditation from Ministry of Higher Education. Internationally, it is also accredited by Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) and Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). The university also provides scholarships for government organizations.

Nearest Dubai Metro Station: Al Rigga Metro Station (1 Km)

Dubai Metro App-IMT Dubai

Institute of Management Technology (IMT)- Dubai

IMT Dubai is a prestigious and only academic institute of Indian origin, which is accredited by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHSE), UAE. It has affiliations with above 25 universities across the globe and boasts of its plush infrastructure with residential campus, all equipped with modern amenities. It offers graduate and post graduate courses in the business stream and alongside, also runs the internship program, which is a compulsory component MBA curriculum in IMT. Alumnus of this institute don’t have to try too hard to get quality placements with lucrative packages. It is located in the Academic City.

Nearest Dubai Metro Station: Rashidiya Metro Station (18 Km)

Finoit LabsComing to our Dubai Metro App, it gives you valuable information about all these and several other academic institutes. In addition, the app also lets you have a complete rendezvous with the top notch Dubai locations along with the details of nearest Dubai metro stations. Well! That’s it for now, see you soon.

Coolest Features of Dubai Metro App: Places

Dubai Metro App-Places

Dubai Metrp App-PlacesTo roam around the exotic locations of Dubai is a real treat to the tourists. The gigantic malls, mesmeric tourist spots, the boat ride at the creek, the memorable walk across The Walk, buying Gold at the Gold Souk, enjoying the thrill of skiing in Skii Dubai and much more, the list is endless.

You would surely have already started surrendering to temptations right at your seats, while touring around these pleasing lines, full of Dubai Places. To your amuse, the Dubai Metro App brings forth you the information on a bulk of such locations, through its Places feature. You can use the provided info while deciding to visit the said locations in person. But prior to that, don’t forget installing the app on your Android or iOS devices 😉

Checking out Places via Dubai Metro App

To use the feature, you need to follow few simple steps:

  1. Look for Places icon at the home screen, at the bottom, just next to the search icon.
  2. Tap the Places icon.
  3. In the next screen, click the arrow of the drop down box. You will notice multiple Dubai destinations, such as:
    1. All: Fetches the list of all the places fed in the Dubai Metro app. You can scroll the screen to get info about them one after another.
    2. Bus Stands: Gives info about Dubai Bus Stations
    3. Colleges: Education hubs are just few taps away, once you use this utilitarian app.
    4. Dubai Metrp App-Places2Hospitals: Provides info about the prominent Dubai hospitals.
    5. Hotels: Dubai is best known for its cordial and luxurious hotels. The Dubai metro app strives to fetch maximum hotels in and around Dubai, via the current and soon to be launched updated version.
    6. Malls: Know about hot favorite malls in Dubai right through this feature of our app.
    7. Museums: Dubai is well known for its historical museums. Get updated info about all of them through this application.
    8. Tourist Spots: Know about the heart pondering tourist spots by tapping on tourist spots. There are plenty of them to amuse your mind.
    9. Worships: Tap Worships to know about the places in Dubai where you can search for divine spirituality. After all, there is a bit of spirituality in each of us.
    10. Restaurants: This is the section that you will come across in our updated version, very soon. Once you go through it, you would not require to search for any other source for Dubai restaurants.

So keep using Dubai Metro App to explore Dubai. Should you wish to pour down any of your valuable suggestions, feel free to do so, right here, in the comment box. Your response matters a lot to us at Finoit Labs!

Dubai Museums-Coolest Locations to Hang Around Near Dubai Metro

Let’s give rest to the features of Dubai Metro App for this post and talk about some soothing places to hang around with family and friends. What about museums? Well, I know it’s a boring place for most of you who think it to be suitable for only kids and senile people. But since we are talking about Dubai museums, there has to be something exciting indeed. So let us explore some of the widely visited heritage destinations of this Arabian city-state.

Dubai MuseumDubai Museum: Originally built in the late18th century (1787 to be precise), and renovated in 1971 for public display, Dubai museum is the oldest structure in Dubai existing till date. It aims at portraying Dubai’s traditional life through an enriched gamut of artifacts, local antiquities, and dioramas.

You can find artifacts from as old as 3000 B.C, as well as those from Asian and African nations being brought from time to time as a part of trade with Dubai. Its popularity has soared extensively in the past few years, with an annual turnout of lakhs of visitors. The time between August-April is the best to give it a visit. It is located at Al Fahidi Fort.

Nearest Metro Transit: Al Fahidi Metro Station

Dubai Metro-Sheikh-Saeed-Al-Maktoum-house Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House Dubai: Located in Al Shindagha along the Dubai Creek, the historic building reminisces the life and times of Saeed Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum, former ruler of Dubai, and grandfather of the current Dubai ruler, Sheikh Mohammad. It was built somewhere around 1894 as the residence of Al Maktoum family. At present, the architectural marvel is a museum that hosts the images and artifacts of the pre-oil times.

You can have a glimpse of some historical documents, stamps, coins, pearl diving, etc., that date back to the 18th century. Additionally, images captured in 1940’s and 1950’s, depicting the beauty of creek, the Souqs and the glory of traditional celebrations are worth a dekko.

Nearest Metro Transit: Al Ghubaiba Metro Station

Antique Museum: Located in Al Quoz Industrial Estate, Antique Museum is more a shopping paradise than a museum. It is a giant warehouse, which hosts 4 embezzling warehouses and is spread across a sprawling 65,000 sq foot area. As you move inside, you will feel like entering in a dark and dusty cave of the ancient times with narrow passages.

It is perhaps the best place to buy souvenirs, antiques, etc., which are imported from 22 countries, including Africa, Indonesia, Dubai Metro-Antique MuseumTurkey, Nepal, Egypt, Indonesia and UAE itself, among others. The items include crystal glass sheesha pipes, Arabic lamps, Pakistani swords, wood-carved ornaments, beautiful bed linen, small furniture, fridge magnets, luxurious Pashmina shawls, t-shirts, caps, and many more.

For local residents, shopping here is a regular affair, and for foreign tourists, the place is no less than heaven as it lets them to shop for almost everything from across the world, at a single place. However, there is no scope of bargaining here, all the items are available at fixed price, which ultimately makes way for hassle free shopping experience. The museum is in close proximity to the famous Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Madinat Hotels and more. So it has to be your ultimate tourist destination if you’re staying in any of these places.To get more accommodation choices around it, you can find discount hotels on CheapOair online.

Nearest Metro Transit: Al Quoz Metro station:

Hope you like this post that covers the exclusive and must visited Dubai Museums. Keep visiting this blog for new updates on widely craved Dubai Locations, Dubai Hotels, Dubai Metro and your very own Dubai Metro App by Finoit Labs. Until then, enjoy!